02. MRSUICIDESHEEP. What are you?

Who is your favorite artist?”


MRSUICIDESHEEP. Mr Suicide Sheep. Why would a sheep commit suicide?

Thoughts run through my head to when a boy I really like told me his favorite artist is mrsuicide sheep. He did not elaborate who it is or what it is, but judging by the name, I really thought it was a heavy metal band. With the word ‘suicide’ incorporated with its name, I am pretty sure it is a heavy metal band. Of course, the curious cat I am (and most probably I will die because of my curiosity) I made a research about this band while I was at work.

To tell you something, my office is inside a classroom, and whenever there are no classes, I blast up songs on high volume. And I love heavy metal music, however, I can’t play that in the office when there are students in the classroom, so I am eager to learn new music except for pop music. When I made my research regarding mrsuicidesheep, I found out that it was a YouTube channel that shows art and chill music. When I opened their youtube page, the song River by BISHOP. Played automatically, and I fell in love. I fell in love instantly! The calming beat is comparable to the calming sound of water flowing down the river, the voices of the artists is just as cold as the night and it isn’t freezing but calming on the skin, and the art is just captivating. I don’t know who made the art for each song but they are just magnificent!

I instantly played every song in my office and in the classroom whenever no one is around or whenever someone is just there hanging out in the classroom doing group studies. Sometimes, the student would approach me and ask what for the title of the song I just played.

And one thing, it is not just a song I would be proud playing in public, I will listen to these songs before sleeping. The songs are very diverse, some are played in acoustic, some are with remixes, and some are just plain calm. It is my kind of music – the one I have been looking for in a long time. It is definitely an ear candy and I often stream the songs in my phone.

One of the songs that caught my attention is “Infinity” by Nikki Heaton but it was a remix version by Illenium. The song was upbeat and calming and the lyrics of the song is just heartwarming. There are more artists featured in the youtube channel like, BABEL, Galantis, Veorra, and more! They also have a soundcloud account and I definitely would recommend the page to everyone who just needs to calm down. Even heavy metal bands and artists listen to a different kind of genre because sometimes, listening to the same kind of music is really tiring. And this one is timeless.

Kudos to the artists that contribute to mrsuicidesheep.





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