12. Sheesh, You’re Already Hooked on Bob?!

Lunch has been very lonely. I don’t have new episodes to watch and the saddest bit is – I DON’T HAVE NEW CARTOONS TO WATCH! It’s like, Gravity Falls ended and I found myself saying, “What now?” Of course I could watch new episodes of Adventure Time and Regular Show since the two cartoons will end soon. (*cries on the inside*) It’s not that I don’t want to watch Adventure Time or Regular Show, I just want new ones.


And by golly one of the students at work caught me watching Rick and Morty at work, I thought she was going to tell my boss what I was doing. In all honesty, it didn’t matter even if she did, I was working whilst watching. Perks of having multiple screens. Anyway, she approached me one time and asked what cartoon I was watching that day. I told her every basic detail she needs to know about Rick and Morty. Of course I didn’t tell her the whole story, just the concept and plot to have her hooked. And I didn’t oversell Rick and Morty, I just told her how good it was so that when she is already watching it blows her freaking mind! We talked a lot about cartoons, and since she is also a fan of it, she told me to watch Bob’s Burgers. I remember me telling her how I love Gravity Falls, and then she told me that Louise, one of the characters, was voiced by the same actress. And I was intrigued, what is Bob’s Burgers? I’ve seen them before but I wasn’t really hooked. Maybe because I was too young when I saw the pilot? Or maybe because I was interested with different things before? So there I was, finding myself on my computer, watching Bob’s Burgers’ pilot episode and I can say that I was already hooked. The pilot tells the background of the story, where it all started. And I am really impressed on how the writers packed all that story into one episode. (an episode usually lasts between 21 minutes to 25 with no commercials) And I have to say, Louise brings the whole show with her attitude and her humor! You’d be surprised because she’s just 9.


Upon their artistic approach, creator, Loren Bouchard, has an amazing idea of making his characters very unique. You can see how these characters differ from other cartoons just by a look, and that is they don’t have chins. I mean, they do because they have lines under their mouth but it’s not emphasized. Another good thing about the cartoon (I don’t know about you, but I think this one makes the cartoon) is the shock comedy. One the pilot episode, Human Flesh, when Bob told his children that him and Linda are going to ‘grind the meat’, I have already thought of a dirty joke in it. Relating it to a euphemism of two people having sex. And when a Health Inspector asked Louise where her parents were, she told her that they were grinding the meat while thrusting her hips and the health inspector that it wasn’t a euphemism. Another shock comedy here is when Louise changed the chalkboard into a different menu called, “The Child Molester” and I asked myself, “Does a nine-year-old really think that way?” and then I thought that Bob’s family is weird. But hey, no family is perfect! A lot of episodes are so fun to watch and my eleven-year-old brother wanted to watch Bob’s Burgers. Not sure if I should let him though. I will. My brother’s been deprived of good cartoons. He wasn’t born to my time where Ed, Edd, and Eddie was on TV or the REAL Powerpuff Girls was on Cartoon Network and not some rip off remake. (JK Sorry to the new PPG fans lol)


Oh and one thing. While watching Bob’s Burgers, don’t forget to watch the intro, make sure to look at the store right next to Bob’s, the orange one. The store is different every episode and they’re usually funny. Also, the truck stopping in front of Bob and his family is different in some episodes.


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