A Super Fresh Experience

So last year I subscribed to a Saladbox Ph to get the latest from top beauty brands in the country. And for January 2017, Saladbox Ph teamed up with one of the best cosmetics company in the world – Mary Kay. This is not a paid advertisment. I just wrote about it to share on how haopy I am with the product. 

This morning I received my Saladbox subscription and I have no clue what will i receive today. And when I opened my package, I was happy to see a pretty pink box with a very fragrant smell. I’ve had this scent in my room when I was in college and this is the only time I am smelling this aroma again. As I opened the box, the scent got stronger and in my hands are 3 boxes of the new products from Mary Kay – Botanical Effects Evolution. I was honestly very excited to use these the moment I opened it. I can’t use them ASAP since I was in ny friend’s birthday party and I have to keep my make up on. The scent is very calming. It’s dragon fruit scented, like my aroma therapy when I was in college (to help me calm down and lessen my stress). And the product is infused with Dragon fruit and Aloe Vera which isn’t new to me since I actually use fresh aloe vera for my face and dragon fruit extract for my hair.

The night I went home, I opened the box and washed off my face with the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleansing Gel. After washing my face, I noticed how refreshing it is after the first wash. It’s very cool and it made my face soft and smooth. After the cleansing gel, I used the Botanical Effects Moisturizing Gel. After the moisturizer dried, I noticed that my face got softer. It’s also very light unlike the brand of moisturizer I use. And a drop and a half of the moisturizing gel is enough to cover the whole face. The scent made the whole use fun. Other moisturizers I used have regular scents. This scent is really fun for me. For me, the scent also matters.

To be honest I don’t buy Mary Kay products since I find it really expensive, but with this experience, I’d actually buy a whole set. I’d even purchase the toner! The Botanical Effects Evolution set makes me use fresh aloe vera and dragon fruit without the hassel. This has been a super fresh experience.


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