Good Music Are Found Where the Media is Not

I’ve been a huge fan of music at a very young age and my musical influences are the big artists who made a big reputation with their names. I’ve been fans of bands where people honor them and sometimes will die for them. But have you ever felt like their hype is kind of tiring? That sometimes their music is just labeled good just because the media says so? These have been my thoughts since I started listening to indie artists. 

 I am a huge fan of the CBS TV show, How I Met Your Mother and to be honest, I watch it every single day over and over again. I’m not obsessed, I am just used to the humor and it has been a habit now. But when you watch a TV Show or a movie over and over again, you start to ignore the dialogue and you see the missed details in the background just because you have been distracted by the dialogue. On How I Met Your Mother, I found good indie artsist such as Jaymay, The Elected, Goldspot, Grizzly Bear, and How I Met Your Mother’s producer’s band, The Solids. All of them are great bands and I have been downloading their songs on my Spotify account. I have been listening to a lot of indie lately that it led me to discorvering new artists along the way. My favorite discovery is a pop duo named Echos. I have mentioned them on my previous post before about them making a version of The Weeknd’s song The Hills.  And listening to their version made me believe that The Weeknd’s version was actually better. I find Echos’ version better and calming. I have been into a lot of calming indie songs (and moderating myself to listening to Metal bands to avoid too much stress) and Echos is actually a good example of a stress relieving artist. Their self titled album has songs that actually lulled me to sleep. 

The album has 8 wonderful songs and like how I appreciate The Weeknd’s Starboy and Bring Me the Horizon’s  That’s the Spirit, every song in this album is magnificent. I love every song but my personal favorite is Gold, the song reminds me how good love can feel which reminds me, every song is packed with emotions. I don’t know if the songwriters are having anxiety or depression, but lately, I have been doagnosed with Depression, I also have frequent anxiety attacks. When I listened to the song Haunt, the first stanza is speaking the emotions I feel every morning -“I feel alive when I’m sleeping/’Cause they can’t twist my words if I don’t speak/But the world knows most of my secrets/I feel alive when I’m asleep/And I help myself in the middle of the night/As I float through the frame of my body and my mind/Everyone knows that I’m dying to be fine/But the lens in my brain always tells me twisted lies” 

Every song is beautifully crafted and you can tell that they’re from the heart. Unlike where the spotlight is, indie artists have heartfelt songs. Nowadays, artist use ghostwriters to make them songs or make music for them. And kudos to thriving indie artists for making great music. Indeed, good music is not in the radio nor where the media and the crowd is, it’s where, it’s commonly found in coffee shops or simple concerts. 


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