15. Starboy

So I’ve downloaded Spotify on my phone since my music player has been annoying me with how it chooses a most played song (I have been listening to Bring Me the Horizon‘s album That’s The Spirit for almost a year now so I assume it will stay on the Most Played playlist, I downloaded Nicki Minaj‘s album The Pink Print and playing it only for 3 days made it already on the Most Played. I find this very annoying. Also, different sound volumes is kinda annoying, I’d also love to support my favorite artists.) I also subscribed to premium so I can play my favorite songs with no wifi and I could listen with no ads. My experience with Spotify is very good so far. A pro about it is when I want to listen to a new song, I can just search for it and listen to it, I could download it if I like it. Also, I can search for top songs in playlist in my country’s most played song. This led me to discovering new songs and artists that I didn’t even know existed. 

In my country’s most played playlist, on #1 is a song called Starboy by a pop star known as The  Weeknd. I’ve heard The Weekend’s songs like Can’t Feel My Face from his album Beauty Behind Madness. I can say that I am not a huge fan of the album especially of the song The Hills. I honestly thought that The Hills was a good song since I have listened to Echos’ version of the song. I was really disappointed. But to my surprise, the album Starboy is different. I honestly loved the whole album. My appreciation for the album is the same as how I appreciate every song in Bring Me the Horizon’s album, That’s The Spirit. And the best part about it is that when I play the whole album at work, my colleagues like the song as well. It’s very chill, calming, not too much bass, there is action in the songs especially in the song False Alarm (and the music video is action packed as well!) My personal favorites are  Starboy, Sidewalk, Secrets, A Lonely Night, Party Monster, True Color, Reminder, and my ultimate favorite I Feel It Coming.

I have heard of consipiracy theories about the album and its link to Illuminati, but in all seriousness, I look at music as art, and this album is an incredible work of art. Other people just look at art in a different way. Overall, this album is perfect for a chill night with friends. This is an album I recommend to everyone. 


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