Eternally Yours

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I have been a huge fan of Motionless in White since I was in college and all of their songs are what feed my soul. I have anger management issues and listening to Motionless in White’s songs calms me down. All the anger and madness in my heart are expressed through every pounding of the drum, and every horror-esque (a term I use to interpret MIW’s horror movie vibe in songs) tune is what makes me calm down while thinking of inflicting pain to whoever I am mad at. Thankfully, I haven’t hurt anyone yet. And elaborating more about it is another story.

Most of Motionless in White’s songs are inspired by horror movies. For example, the song Abigail (from the album Creatures) is inspired by the book and movie The Crucible and the song Undead Ahead (from the album Creatures) is inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Most of their songs, if not inspired by horror movies, are inspired by horrific tragedies and stories. But one thing is for sure, I haven’t heard Motionless in White release a song about love. I wasn’t expecting anything from them that is about love or a song that would make your heart flutter and giddy, but last week, MIW just released a single that made me feel all fluttery and giddy.


Eternally Yours, sounds like a sweet ending for a letter, but that’s the title of Motionless in White’s new single from their upcoming album “Graveyard Shift”. I honestly can’t wait for the new album since the first two singles (570 and Eternally Yours) are incredible and MIW is getting better and better.

I have examined the lyrics of Eternally Yours over and over again and I could not believe that it was actually a love song! Just before the chorus, it literally said:

And in the name of love.

Well, it’s no rocket science to figure out if it is a love song. And whoever is this song made for, s/he is a very lucky person because I can actually feel the songwriter’s emotion poured into the song. The melody represent the song as well and it’s mixed like a perfect cocktail. And before the song ends (4:17) the chorus is repeated once again only this time, it was accompanied by a piano and a guitar. There is less noise, perhaps a symbol to express what the band is feeling. All in all, the song is probably one of the best Motionless in White songs. I loved it! It made me feel loved and happy. It feels as if this song speaks for my heart. Once again, Motionless in White made a song that feeds my soul.

Check out the song here or visit



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