Having Spotify on my phone is a huge help when I want to discover music. I have posted something about mrsuicidesheep and the songs I liked about it. On Spotify, mrsuicidesheep has a playlist and here I discovered more songs about the an artist named Illenium. Illenium is not a new name to me for I have listened to some of his works like the remix of the song Infinity by Niykee Heaton. I honestly love his remix though it hasn’t come to my head to look for him, mainly because I don’t have the time to look for him on google and I don’t have Spotify when I first knew Illenium.

When I was listening to mrsuicidesheep’s playlist on Spotify, I came across a few of Illenium’s songs which I fell in love with. I immediately clicked onto his album entitled “Ashes” and played it while I was working. And to be honest, every song in the album is a work of art. I downloaded every song in the album so I could listen to it offline. Every song is relaxing and refreshing and it feels like this is the type of electronic music I am into and not the ones where there are heavy bass drops which makes me feel dizzy. My personal favorites are Spirals, All On You, Reverie, and Only One. 

Listening to this song actually helped me sleep at night. Usually around tracks 5 and 6 I would fall asleep and wake up with a dead phone and a broken earphones. That is how calming the songs are that it literally lulled me to sleep.


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