Shai has always been fascinated with art at a very young age. She developed her skills in graphic art at the age of sixteen by studying typography, colors, and basic photo editing. In college, by the influence of her friends and her favorite animated TV show, Adventure Time, Shai developed a skill in drawing and painting using different mediums such as watercolor, colored pencils and colored markers.

Shai’s style in art is very minimalist. She argues that minimalism is not a way of laziness in making art. She strongly believes that there should be a balance in the amount of lines, shapes, colors etc. with space for the eyes to rest. After all, simplicity is beauty.

Besides graphic art, Shai also has a penchant in other forms of art like music, movies and musicals, poetry and novels. In terms of music, she has a very diverse taste in music. From Morbid Angel (Death Metal) to The Moldy Peaches (Indie Folk), to Lady GaGa (Pop) to Kreayshawn (Hip Hop), she listens to them. She just follows whatever is catchy to her.

When it comes to film, Shai loves suspense, action, and fiction. Her favorite director is Alfred Hitchcock and his works are her inspiration in making a film script in college. Her favorite film is Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock, her favorite musical is Hedwig and The Angry Inch (which made her cry like a baby and made her reevaluate her past [and think of her future] relationships), her favorite poet is Frederick Seidel from his book of poetry Ooga Booga, and her favorite novels are Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. Shai is a huge Harry Potter fan. She’s been sorted out to Slytherin house and her wand is a 12 1/2″ Silver Lime wood with a Dragon heartstring core.

As of now Shai is a wanderer. She enjoys living and dreaming.




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